The Flower and The Suit

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About the author

Rosanna M.I.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Rosanna M.I. is a Brazilian author, writer and blogger who has been creating stories and poetries since she learned how to write her first words. Her educational background in English, acting and singing courses has given her the opportunity to open her mind and love the English idiom as her native one.
     After twelve years working inside of an electronics components’ factory, Rosanna M.I. decided to follow her dreams and her passions, and write stories that readers would see as an escape from the day-to-day problems and pressures. In 2016, The Flower and The Suit started gaining life, and in 2019, it was finally ready to make the readers fall in love with it. Her blog on Wordpress, Sakura Flower, is where she writes about her personal experiences about her life. And her page on the Brazilian website, Recanto das Letras, is where she posts her poetries, which carries her deepest feelings.
     Rosanna M.I. is currently living with her husband, Sergio, and their cat, Torresmo in Ibaraki-ken, Japan, where she is working on the sequel of The Flower and The Suit and new novels as well.