BeaverTales - A Child's Memoir

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Barbara Thompson

Barbara Thompson, pen name, B. J. Thompson, is a retired public relations liaison and currently a Calgary, Canada-based freelance editor and author of three literary novels, a memoir and a writer instructional.
~ No More Blood - Epilogue to the life of Truman Capote & In Cold Blood
~ Eighteen Minutes to the Beast - a Nixon Watergate Thriller
~ Sessions - Predator vs. Shrink Who will survive?
~ BeaverTales – A Child’s Memoir
~ STOP Not Writing – A No B.S. Guide to Avoid the Avoidance Tricks of a Non-writing Writer

B. J.’s literary works examines the process of death — of an historical icon, and ideal or an event — in a Trumanesque non-fiction novel delivery, to reveal an answer to a long-held mystery or a societal question. It’s in life’s final moments that truth ultimately plays the only role.

Born and raised in the Lake Country District of southern Ontario, Canada, an only child to an RCMP Constable father and industrial accountant mother, B. J. who grew up very Anglo-Saxon, very Northern Irish. Funeral wakes were a large part of B. J.’s life, starting at the tender age of three, so death—its meaning and role in life—took centre stage.

B. J.’s upcoming historical epic, AIR, tells of six US Navy sailors fighting to survive inside the capsized USS Oklahoma after the December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor attack. All six, trapped below the sea, find out there are worse things in life than death. AIR is due to be released December 7, 2020.

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