Stand Your Ground Law & Concealed Carry

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Josh Manning

About the Author

Josh Manning lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with wife Jessica and their daughter Jen. After graduating from UNC with a degree in Criminal Justice, he started his career by taking over two rural gun shops that his father owned for decades. Along with running the family business, he opened and operated two shooting ranges. As he did that, he noticed more people were interested in learning and practicing about guns then they were about buying new guns.

Growing up he was always fascinated with guns, self-defense, and martial arts, by the time he graduated he became a sharpshooter and a black belt in the martial art. Working at his father’s gun shop, he learned how to fix and repair guns from his father, but after opening the shooting ranges, he realized there is a whole new market where people are eager to learn how to use weapons properly for self-defense. Just five years after opening his first shooting range, he sold his family business and started a consulting business where he teaches everyday people about self-defense, guns and gun safety.

He has helped and consulted many well-known people including a few celebrities and many Fortune 1000 corporate executives.