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About the author

Jan Robinson

Jan Robinson, M.A., tantra expert and high-performance sex coach, adores foot rubs, classical music, and men who love women.

Jan is an international teacher of Tantric Kriya Yoga, inspiring lovers to activate their kundalini, the most powerful energy of creation. Her passion is to initiate her clients in the joys and mysteries of sexuality, merged with their hearts and minds, for ultimate sexual fulfillment.

Her mission is to end the WAR of the sexes and encourage the WOW in the dance between the masculine and feminine. Her vision is a world in which men and women know how to rock each other’s worlds!

Jan is the founder of MagicSex.Me, where she reveals ancient tantric secrets for becoming a master lover and tapping into women’s infinite capacity for pleasure. Mastering Jan’s proven methods will spark a sex life beyond both of your wildest dreams.