Wolumpra went Agimballing

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Ian Hall-Dixon

A career in engineering starting with an apprenticeship in the hard knock world of a north-east of England iron foundry, progressing  over the years as draughtsman, soldier, civil servant, and for the last thirty years, as a consultant design engineer. This latter period included for a great deal of authorship, often creative and sometimes innovative, but always focussed on the production of engineering specifications, schedules and technical reports.

In 2003 a spark finally ignited the fire that had waited for many years to be lit and the openly creative process was under way, making me something of a late starter. The purely creative, mainly in the form of poetry, had to be carefully interleaved with the everyday job where a split personality may very well have been an advantage; I guess we can’t have everything in this life.

I have always been a fan of science fact, fiction and speculation from being a young man and finally, I am now putting ideas into words.


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