Golden Reflections: The Hunt for the Ancient Fleece.

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Shaunna Peterson

Local stay at home mom & inspired writer of fantasy Shaunna Peterson of Tennessee, has released her debut fantasy/mystery novel "Diamonds in the Sea." 
Peterson, a mother of two & wife to a PC specialist has been working toward publication for five years now.  
She has currently released another erotic story in Project Aphrodite: A labor of lust and she recently finished her first erotic fairy tale releases to Shady Lady's website and Amazon on 3.07.15. Two worlds collide in this erotic story. A clash of fairy tales & nursery rhymes. "I have always been the reader, never the writer. Now that I have tasted writing I don't think I can get enough of it. This thirst for writing may never be quenched." Quoted by Shaunna Peterson.Please follow me on Facebook-


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