Secrets of Ravenstone

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Yza Dora

Living in Las Vegas isn't easy, as it's nothing but a transient state where nothing's taken seriously. Well, YzaDora has learned that just because you live in a state with a bad rep, doesn't mean you have to live by it. Ignoring the gambling, drinking and clubbing that Vegas is notoriously known for, they've dedicated themselves to making their life content the best they could, with putting their creative talents to use.

Yzavela (Yza) is a blogger and reviewer of movies and TV, having her own blog which is still new on the net, while creating the world of her Keeper of La Tecla series. During her writing endeavors, she's a registered and dedicated Healthcare PCA, caring for her mother.

Doria (Dora) Yzavela's mother and co-author of the series, is a retired local artist who specialized in watercolor painting creating amazing pieces which can be found on Fine Art America. With her eye for artistic design, she helped create the vision for the world of their series, along with the book covers; ones of which were designed by Yzavela without all the fancy software.

When no writing is being done, Doria researches future ideas for future books, while Yzavela kicks ass playing Assassin's Creed which helps release built up tension and frustration that the writing process conjures up.

They live a quiet and peaceful life with their brood of cats and birds and have the dream of purchasing an RV, wanting to hit the road and leave everything behind them, living a freer life where they make their own rules.