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Brian Macdonald

I am an avid reader who, until relatively recently, had never thought about writing a book. I have always been able to write well, from grade school through my Paralegal Studies courses in college. My first published piece was a brief history of the town of Groton, Massachusetts that was published in the local paper, The Public Spirit. Then, a few years ago, I decided to try to supplement my income by writing.  

My first book is a children’s picture book. “Bob Hikes Mount Monadnock” is a story about a boys love of adventure and nature. My wife Brenda did an awesome job on the illustrations for the book. Thirty-two of them, all done free hand.

My second book is a novel. “Saratoga” is the story of an adventurous and inquisitive teenage girl growing into a woman in the fictional town of Lafayette, New Hampshire. I had been frustrated by events throughout the world, but rather than letting that overwhelm me, I decided to try to write a book that would hopefully encourage people to work together for the common good of all humanity and Mother nature as well. And Brenda did an awesome job with the illustrations for the book’s dust jacket.

I truly believe that God guided me while I was writing this book. Although I knew that I had several contemporary subjects that I wanted to weave into the book, I had no idea how or where to begin. But when I sat down and started typing, it all just fell into place. Ideas, conversations and snippets of humor just came to my mind as I was typing. It was an amazing experience and leads me to believe that God was guiding me all the way through.