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About the author

Barbara Starley

Barbara Starley is not your typical CPA; she doesn’t do income taxes or day-to-day bookkeeping. As a Certified QuickBooks® Pro Advisor, Barbara built her own entrepreneurial enterprise and knows what it takes to construct a business that you’ll love.

As an author, speaker and trainer, Barbara speaks the language of the small business owner. As your “On-Call Controller,” she is great at simplifying complex accounting and tax issues and turns confusion into confidence.

Whether one-on-one (on-site or virtually) or in a webinar or seminar format, Barbara works alongside entrepreneurs to guide, mentor and empower them – primarily in the areas QuickBooks® set-up, training & troubleshooting.

By bridging the gap between the small business owner’s in-house staff and outside advisors, Barbara creates a win-win-win scenario. The owner wins because they feel informed and can be more proactive with their business finances; the outside tax preparer can give better tax advice because they receive good, solid financial records; and the in-house staff wins because they feel empowered and confident in their job.