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Marcy Pusey

Marcy was nearly convinced she was adopted. 

In fact, in elementary school, she met a girl with a similar last name, similar hair color, born minutes apart, in the same hospital. Their mothers were probably roommates. Sometimes, Marcy would look at her parents and younger sister and be sure she'd been switched at birth. Or maybe it was hopeful. Either way, there's no way around it... she's one of them.

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, writer, wife, and mommy, Marcy lives in the serendipitous moments of God's divine intentions.

Over the last sixteen years, Marcy has worked with children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples through private practices, group homes, foster family agencies, community based services, and wrap-around programs. In addition, Marcy and her husband have fostered multiple children over the last decade, in addition to adopting two and birthing two. 

Marcy's writing has appeared in newspapers, magazines, blog posts, children's books, and books for adults. 

She lives in the Black Forest of Germany with her husband and four children (two of whom are adopted through foster care). She works as a counselor for the local English-speaking community in their German village.

She blogs inspirationally about her work, writing, and other resources at