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Alice Louise Bayless

Alice Louise Bayless (born May 28, 1977) is an American chef, restaurateur, activist and author. She is the owner of “This is it”, a Berkeley, California restaurant famous for its organic, locally grown ingredients.

After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and Biology from the University of Southern Mississippi, she enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.

She started cooking professionally in 2002 after earning a political science bachelor's degree from UW–Madison. Central to the operations and philosophy of “This is it” is her dedication to using organic ingredients. Bayless has become a crusader for organic foods, believing that they are both better for the environment and for people's health in addition to tasting superior to commercially grown, non-organic foods.

In 2005, Alice began dating producer Nicole Johnson. They married on April 11, 2006, in Santa Barbara, California.