Stepping Stones

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About the author

Maighread MacKay

I am a Canadian Author and my novels are set in the Lake Scugog area of Ontario, Canada. Using my experiences to draw on, I weave tales of Visionary Fiction for both children and adults. I sincerely hope that readers will join me in my journeys down the rabbit hole as we ponder how mystical adventures could weave into ordinary lives.
Ancient mysteries and the riddles of our vast universe. Questions - lots of fascinating questions about the reality of our cosmos. Are there other dimensions or planes of existence? Are they inhabited? Do our parallel universes ever converge? Angels, Spirit Guides. Are they real? Can we communicate with them?  What happens when we die? Has the soul that inhabits our body been here before? Why would we come back? 

These questions have led me on a journey of investigating Christian Mysticism, Yogic Spirituality, Native Theology, Wicca, Celtic Shamanism, Quantum Physics, and many other related topics. My work is not a definitive answer to any of the questions, but rather a what if? What if there are other ways of looking at life?  Could there be alternative answers to what we've been taught? 
I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I did pondering the questions and writing about them. :)