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Susan Quinn

Susan Quinn was born and raised in Massachusetts. She loved to make up stories when she was a child and she never quite lost the taste for it.

She started reading fanfiction stories of one of her favorite shows, Emergency! Reading the marvelous talent of so many writers, she began to concoct her own stories. A writer friend encouraged (pushed) her into publishing them and Susan now has several stories and a series to which she still receives kudos.

Susan soon decided to move on from fan fiction and write a novel. Sending it off to Nine Star Publishing, she was in total shock receiving the acceptance email on her birthday! Susan Quinn’s first novel, A Reason for Tomorrow, will be released soon.

Susan Quinn continues to reside in Massachusetts with her twenty-six-year-old son. Her husband passed away in May 2018 after a lengthy battle with metastasized colon cancer.

Like most human beings, Susan Quinn is a plethora of contradictions. Two of her favorite shows are Criminal Minds and The Partridge Family. She loves movies from the thirties to the sixties, and yet enjoys the newest movie on HBO. Susan loves a light comedy like Mom and watched every episode of The Newsroom.

Wine is an essential food group and must be white, never red. White zin is her favorite, but why is it dark pink?

Susan Quinn’s goal in life is to honor her late husband who was a constant source of strength and encouragement. Also, for the public to have an interesting story to read.