Through Veils and Webs

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About the author

Irma Battig

Irma Bättig is a transformational healer, coach and teacher. Born and raised in Switzerland and Canada, she has also lived and worked in the United States and Costa Rica before moving to her Indian husband’s native country.

At 33, after a successful career in communications culminating as a Chief Communications Officer and member of the top management of a multinational corporation in Switzerland, she underwent a deep transformation. Not looking back, the Phoenix that rose from the ashes stepped out of her old world to follow an inner calling. She embraced the spiritual path first as a student, learning from teachers and masters in various countries, then as a therapist, healer and teacher herself. On an accelerated path to personal growth, aided by intense personal and spiritual experiences, Irma has been able to assist clients and students from all walks of life and from all over the world on their own often challenging journeys. The multiple methods she employs help them heal old trauma, reprogram dysfunctional programs and beliefs and allow them to expand into fuller versions of themselves in alignment with their soul’s purpose. Her mission is to help those who are ready to raise their vibrational frequency so as to lead healthier, happier lives in tune with a rapidly evolving earth.

Irma and her husband currently live in Mumbai where she works with her clients locally as well as internationally. She also participates actively in their business which offers eco-friendly homes and living solutions across India. Healing the planet is essential if we want to heal as individuals. We cannot separate ourselves from our environment.

This book series is the author’s contribution to the global awakening that is taking place and that will hopefully turn the ship around before it is too late: Before the destruction of our eco-system is so far advanced that it cannot be remedied by human beings anymore. Putting our lives into a larger context, that of a multi-dimensional reality, should help us look beyond our plate at what really is at stake. Maybe it puts our daily preoccupations in their proper place – it is not about the next IPhone nor about what car we drive. Once we realize we are all connected and interdependent – on everything, not just each other – we are likely to revisit and redirect our priorities on a healthier and sustainable course.