Soul on Fire

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Alexander Tennant

My belief that poetry can be a sharp edged sword of truth cutting through the dark clouds of fear and ignorance. I have been writing poetry for over 20 years. It is a powerful medium only if others can relate to it, and it is not just an excercise in one's own ego glorification.

Check out my poetry e books on my sales pages - all my take on how this medium can affect us on all levels is there.

In my fiction work I have explored themes of a relevant nature, especially important to the difficult phase we as a society are experiencing, with falling living stadades for most of us, higher cost of living, and a great uncertainty over our jobs as well as the future prospects for young people.

This has led me to explore in my trilogy Demented Wanderer these social themes, and their effect that has as contributory factors which directly affect altered states of consciousness through the lens of severe psychosis. This can be explored from the angle of psychic liberation allowing the surpressed dark side of the mind access to create a liberated sense of intergrated mind that accepts that it is made up of dark and light.

The main star of the drama experiences the full range of mind emotions leading to him leaving his safe ordered life. By so doing he embraces a life on the edge of respectable mainstream society. For one which is full of danger, challenge and unexpected happenings. To enrich the life of the author of the journals journey to redemption and liberation from his previous life of frustrated predictable normality.

The inner spirit within his mind yearns to be free of the restraints of conventional society. Which results in him abandoning his family, career, and all the benefits of a free market capitalist system.

More experimental works of modern urban fantasy fiction as a genre will explore the link between society as well as the economic system it works under. In addition to the ability of human beings to develop coping mechanisms to help them adapt and survive. These are necessary subjects for further development in future creative writing projects. I hope that will be of interest to you, in challenging you to see life around you, as it unfolds and influences you, on a personal level in ways that nourish and expand your understanding of the complex changing world of everyday.