Under the Banner of Valor

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About the author

Gary Corbin

Gary Corbin spent too many years in college at Louisiana State and Indiana University, largely to escape the fate of having to become a part-time logger, farmer, and construction worker like so many membersof his immense family.

After growing up in a small town on the east coast, in a three-bedroom house shared with eight siblings, two strict parents and a dog, he escaped again to the Pacific Northwest, where he is once again surrounded by loggers, farmers, construction workers, and a dog.

Rather than respond with murderous rages, he now escapes by writing murder mystery novels about families of loggers, farmers, and construction workers who have strict parents and a dog.

A homebrewer and coffee roaster, Gary loves to ski, cook, and watch his beloved Red Sox, Patriots, and LSU Tigers win championships. And when they lose, he escapes to the Oregon coast with his sweetheart.