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Stormy Jordan

Stormy began writing when she was just 10 years old. Books were her escape from the abuse she endured. She wrote everything from poetry and lyrics to short stories. As a child her favorite genre was horror. As she a teenager her tastes ranged from Fantasy to True Crime and everything in between. As a woman, she has walked through the fires of Hell but has never lost her voice or her passion. She has never been afraid of anything. 

One of her friends can be quoted as saying "You have no fear because your fear response is broken." She has kicked off her professional writing career with a non-fiction novel entitled T.I.E.D. It is a fun and flirty look at the real culture of BDSM. She has a couple other books in the works but is keeping them hush-hush, even her Editor has no idea what they are about. This fierce lady is multitalented. She has spoken out against bad political policies. She writes, draws, paints, and is a single mother. 

She has a good working knowledge of car repair, has built and rebuilt computers and laptops. She taught herself to code. She builds her own websites and websites for friends. Some may even call her a modern-day Renaissance woman, and rightly so. 

Writing, actually, art; in all its forms, has always been a passion of mine. I will continue writing for the love of it, as I have been since I was about 12. As a kid and even now as an adult; books, music, writing, and drawing have always been my escape. They are my way to shut the world up for a few minutes and get completely absorbed in what I am doing and just quiet my mind. I know I am not the only person in the world that escapes through books, music, and various other art. 

This is the reason I finally decided to begin publishing my work. The first book is more of an informative guide that is turning into a series. I am currently working on a 40,000-word non-fiction novel and a 60,000-word fiction novel. The non-fiction is written in a diary type voice. It was a lot of fun to write.