The Power of God

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About the author

G. Livingston

Gaya Livingston was born into a Hindu family, but has been serving Lord Jesus Christ for the past 20 years. Even though she has multiple degrees in conventional studies, what she values the most is her time in the bible college, and the opportunity given to sit at His feet and to learn of HIM.

She is a natural-born teacher and enjoys teaching the Word of the Lord whenever and wherever she can. She says it the most rewarding job one can ever hope for, and that nothing can be more rewarding than being used by God.

Her teachings and explanations are simple, and easy to understand. She believes in asking questions and challenging theories, but she also believes at the end of the day that it all boils down to whether you believe or not.

She prays you enjoy her writing and the wisdom she brings.

May this wisdom and illumination of God’s Word enable you to burn bright until the Bridegroom returns!