Midnight Eclipse

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About the author

Kalverya Johansson

Kalverya Johansson is a pseudo identity, while many people know her as a different name. Writing wasn’t something she had wanted to do when she was younger. At first, writing was just a form to direct her wild imagination that often occurred during the trials and tribulations life has to offer. 

She often blames her over active imagination on other books, movies and other creative pieces by the many the geniuses before her. However, what made writing slightly different forher; was it allowed a different perception, or biased perception, of the world. Where questioning every encounter whether it be big or small allowed her to reflect on herself and life in general. 

Putting it bluntly, it’s a great diary (not one you’ll read-yet). Instead, it’s science-fiction world with a splash of supernatural fantasy. It’s her pseudo reality away from reality.