Obliterated: Everything is About To Change

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About the author

Chris Mentillo

Award-winning, and best-selling horror author, Chris Mentillo recounts bone-chilling horror tales of, first-hand weird and bizarre encounters. Confronted repeatedly by ghastly, disturbing dreams, monstrous shadows of things to become, and many more frightening events, Chris Mentillo is changed forever when brought back into real-life events, only to find himself experiencing the horrors of what came to pass of people’s deaths. 

Sometimes driven there to stop a horrific event from taking place, or there for other unknown reasons. Nevertheless, the horrors never seize to end from deep inside these pictures of real nightmares.  

Now for the very first time ever, never published: Nightmares of A Horror Author – Beyond Dreams; chronicles the true stories of a horror author’s terrifying encounters with the dark side. Obliterated, "Everything is About to Change" is part of these thrilling events.