Mrs. Millionaire and the Runaway Kids

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About the author

Marissa Marchan

Marissa Marchan is a wife, mother of two, and grandmother to three beautiful children: Ray, Haley, and Kayla. She is also a Child Support case manager by day and a creative writer by night. She is the author of two children's books: A Ray of Sunshine: A Magical Story Book 1 (formerly A Boy Named Ray), and, Ray and Haley In the Kingdom of the Gobtrolls: A Magical Story Book 2 (formerly And Then There's Haley). Kayla, The Christmas Helper: A Magical Story Book 3 is still a work in progress. Her inspiration for the story came from her then-eight-year-old grandson, Ray Angelo.

A few years ago, her sister passed away unexpectedly and writing a eulogy was one of the hardest things she had ever done, especially when it was for her sister.  It took her a long time to cope with the grief and loss. Ray Angelo gave her the strength and courage to move on with her life. He pulled her through the most difficult time in her life. He turned her sorrows into joy and unbelievably turned her into a writer. Thanks to him, writing helps Marissa handle depression and finally discovered her passion and life purpose.

Since then, she continued to pursue her writing career and has written two books in the Spoiled Brats Book Series: My Amnesia Girl Book 1 and My Runaway Bride Book 2. Four more novels are in the works. She began writing Mrs. Millionaire Short Stories out of the blue. The idea for Mrs. Millionaire character came to her while in bed, sleeping. Within weeks, she finished writing four stories in the series.