Quaternity Trilogy Book #2- Mind Maidens

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Russ Searle

I was born during the Little Blitz in London, England near the end of WWII. V1 bombs targeted London in reprisal for the bombing attacks on Berlin. I had my early schooling in England, and by the time I was seven was firmly ensconced in the western Canadian prairies. My family later moved to New Westminster in B.C. and I took one look at the ocean, the mountains, and the trees, and decided that Canada’s west coast was where I wanted to be—and I’ve been here ever since.
By working graveyard shifts, I was able to go to Simon Fraser University and attain a degree in Sociology; my minor was English Literature. History and Philosophy are necessary courses to understand Sociology, so I have a smattering of both, and being exposed to the works of great writers was pure joy.
I’ve worked as a cab driver, truck driver, and salesman. Eventually my wife and I owned and operated a small General Store on Pender Island. Along the way we had three lovely daughters, and all three were raised on Pender. In 2018 we were blessed with our first grandson.
I’ve been reading Science Fiction since the early fifties. It’s transported me to wondrous and sometimes perilous worlds—all of which enthralled me. Now I’m able to indulge my desire to formulate my own universes, worlds, and most importantly, characters. A most joyful experience.