The Colors of the Sunrise: A Self-Help Book and Scientific Study with the Use of A.I Psychotherapy, Arts & Music Therapy, Sciences, and Philosophy

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About the author

Anthony Skarvelakis

​​​​​​​Mr. Anthony N.Skarvelakis is an experienced Licensed Social Worker (DipSW, PQ, HASW), Cognitive Scientist, and Founder of the 1st complete A.I Psychotherapy model Internationally. He possesses a further qualification in Gestalt Psychotherapy and academic studies in Computer & Informatics Engineering.

Well known for his exceptional interdisciplinary work he has completed 16 years of studies, work, and research experience in the fields that today's Cognitive Science study focus (artificial intelligence, psychology, social science, philosophy, and anthropology). He has recognized interdisciplinary, scientific, supervised, clinical professional experience, and work in the following areas: Psychotherapy/Psychology; Social Science/Art Therapy-Music Therapy/Philosophy/Anthropology (more than 14 years of work- Professional research-Writing and fieldwork as an Independent Researcher); Computer Engineering-Artificial Intelligence (work in the Titan Company U.S.A, Europe, Middle East).

His first book, The Colors of the Sunrise, is the first volume of a personal series of books under the general title: "The psychotherapy of "Whole", aesthetics, philosophy, humanism and cognitive science" that present his research and approach. His work has been reviewed, tested, and evaluated from organizations with international action; well-reputed institutes and professionals from the clinical and cognitive field (U.S.A, U.K, Europe, etc.); charities that provide psychological services (see Honors section LinkedIn-CV).

Anthony N.Skarvelakis is a member of many professional societies: Cognitive Science Society (CSS), International Computer Science & Engineering (ICSES), Carolinas Group Psychotherapy Society (CGPS), and the Professional Society of Social Workers. His work is acknowledged by eminent and distinguished professionals and professors in Universities in the U.S/Canada and globally.

His approach has participated as a project for funding in the Templeton Foundation, one of the most well known foundations globally and in the U.S that fund research in Social Science and C.S.