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About the author

Michal Stawicki

Michal Stawicki is a busy, working parent of 3 amazing children and husband to one wonderful woman. 
Michal is from Poland and grew up under communist rule when opportunity was scarce. 

His demanding job and long commute had taken its toll. So, Michal decided it was time to change his life, to get healthy physically and financially, to become more connected to his family and spirituality and, most importantly, to follow his passions. 
Michal knew he felt a calling to help others, so he set out to change his life and start writing books to share his strategies for living a full and amazing life. He regularly blogs at and the story of his life’s transformation was featured in the re-release of Jeff Olson’s “The Slight Edge.” 

Michal is on a mission to help busy, working adults reclaim their time, their spirit and their passions!Add an Author Biography