Four Teachings That are Bringing the Churches of Jesus Christ Into Judgement

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About the author

Erik Angus MacRae

Born Erik MacRae to Richard Warren and Valerie MacRae, the author has spent his whole life in the region of Ontario, Canada and grew up in Scarborough. Growing with a troubled childhood, and uncertain of what to make of his future Erik would face numerous bouts of depression, anxiety and escapism in his life until becoming a Christian and gaining a more thorough understanding of the literature of the Holy Bible of Christianity which gave him a sense of meaning and purpose and ultimate destiny. Erik has been through multiple denominations of the Christian faith with exceedingly different doctrinal stances, first beginning his journey in a Baptist-Calvinist Church, where he learned the basics of Christ for about seven years. After this he would become involved on studies in the Hebrew Roots movement, but later defected to a more biblically-oriented messianic congregation. Finally, he would identify as non-denominational and serve in discussions with numerous Christians of all denominations. He is very zealous for defending the authority and legitimacy of the biblical text and its core dictates.

Throughout his informational journeys he has studied the work of the Minnesota pastor Daniel Joseph of Corner fringe Ministries closely for over 3 years and numerous topics pertaining to apologetics. Fancying himself an apologist at heart, Erik carries a great passion for “equipping the sheep” of the Christian faith through education to defend their Faith, and for aiding the non-Christian in understanding the complex and numerous evidences that point to the reality of God and His Person in the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and His Word as the Scripture of the Holy Bible. He has a deep interest in Christian philosophy, Biblical archaeology, and comparative studies, and for bridging denominational gaps through discussions of differences.