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About the author

Colin A. Millar

Colin was born in Cambridge and raised in Dumfries. He attended university in Edinburgh before embarking on a series of what he now describes as ‘proper jobs.’ He moved to Bedfordshire in the mid 1990’s and has lived there ever since.

Having always had a passion for reading and occasionally writing short stories, circumstance and a desire to do something different with his life led to the decision to try writing full time. Teaming up with long-time friend Spike Breakwell they set out to see if they could make it in the notoriously difficult writing market.

Within less than six months they were given the opportunity to write for Cambridge University Press who were releasing children’s reading books predominately for the English as a second language market. Initially signed for one book they eventually produced three; Leila’s Game, Movie World and Journey to Calisto (as Development Editors). All three are selling around the globe.

The Breakwell and Millar team continue to produce material including a sitcom and a play.

Colin decided in 2019 to embark on his first full length novel Foreign Bodies.

He is currently working on his second novel Two Weeks in the Sun.

He has two children and he and his fiancé Roz live with a snake, two cats and a gecko all of which keep him busy and out of mischief.