Stoke the Flames

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About the author

Monica Misho-Grems

Monica Misho-Grems is a young and budding author from Portland, Oregon. As a child, she split her time between many hobbies, including dance, reading, and writing. At a young age she showed a deep passion for literature - both reading it and writing it - but it wasn’t until her teen years that she began to dream of doing it professionally.

Monica got her start writing more serious content by writing fanfictions on various message boards late in her teen years and early twenties. Once she became more comfortable, with herself and her writing, she began dabbling in more erotic literature, and eventually found the style that we see.

Nowadays, Monica Misho-Grems lives in Southeast Portland with her husband, John, their three daughters, and her father. She is a full-time mother, wife, daughter, friend, and Clinical Trainer for a local OB/GYN company; she hopes to add “writer” to the full-time mix.