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Kimberly Sue Iverson

Kimberly Sue Iverson has enjoyed writing since she was young . . . no really, she didn’t. She was the child in school who got the red marks saying, “more detail.” Or, how about the awesome, “explain more?” And to this day works really hard to give more detail, and get better. In reality, she always enjoyed writing, but never really pursued it until tragedy befell her in her young 20’s and she determined to save herself, she’d write. Dump all the pain into words, stories, and she’d create her own worlds to make sense of the world around her. Hopefully helping others in the process too.

She began under A.H. Browne, then elongated the name to Ariana Browning around 2013-ish, and then in 2015 she dumped the pen names and dared to write under her own name, Kim Iverson, which ended up causing far too much confusion because of another author with similar name, and a radio host named Kim Iversen. So finally in 2021 she determined whether people liked it or not, she’d do what was best for her, and put everything under her full name. Because she’s incredibly stubborn and doesn’t want to give up her own name.

These are all her stories. Stories remain the same, only the author name has changed, and the covers getting revamped. All wrote by one author alone through all the trials of life.

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