Spanish Reader for Beginners-Elementary

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About the author

Iris Acevedo A.

Iris Acevedo A. was born in Costa Rica in 1959. She lived and grew up in Ohio, Oklahoma and Kansas, returning to Costa Rica in 1976. Iris is the founder of CostaRica SpanishOnline, the first online Spanish school in Costa Rica to provide independent learners with live One-On-One Spanish Immersion Courses via Skype. In 2017, we have branched out and are now offering English Conversation Skills courses to Latina American learners residing in Costa Rica and abroad.

During her over 30 years' experience teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language to learners from all over the world who have visited Costa Rica in order to learn Spanish, she took a keen interest in independent learners: an emerging group of students who have studied English and Spanish on their own, and somewhere along the process seek a Spanish language teacher to guide them. This is her field of expertise.

Iris has written several articles on Spanish Language Tips and Top Questions for, such as The Spanish Subjunctive and The Future Tense, The Use of The Spanish Pronouns "Vos, Tú and Usted", among others.

Iris has put together 3 series of Spanish Readers available on Amazon :

-Spanish Reader for Beginners-Elementary-3 books

-Spanish Reader for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Students-8 books

-Spanish Conversation Books-4 books

All books contain a combination of Spanish Grammar structure and phrases lying within a narrative style with an unusual twist that keeps the independent student engaged and entertained while achieving a higher level of knowledge and conversation skills.

Please note that our Readers and Conversation Books are not Grammar Books or Travel Guides. The only books of our collection that contain Grammar exercises are: Spanish Reader for Beginners-Elementary, Elementary II, and Elementary III, with a complete translation from Spanish to English for those students who are just beginning to make their first or second attempt to learn the language on their own.