Messages from Transcendent Beings We Are Not Alone

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McCartney Green

Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor,  McCartney Green began writing as her first marriage was coming to an end. Like many women, she’d lost herself under the labels of wife and mother. She found herself again when she picked up the pen. An advocate for the empowerment of women, she authored The Dandelions Series, intending not only to entertain but also to address serious women’s issues and help others to heal.

After finishing the 8 book series Dandelions Never Die, McCartney felt led to write non-fiction personal development books. One of them, Messages from Transcendent Beings, is actually an allegory written as the memoirs of Grandmaster Eric Kino. In it we follow him from boyhood and discover what makes him such a remarkable person. As we read about his life, we learn many important messages including how to have super spiritual connection and how to live a life filled with joy.

McCartney has seven extremely loving children and 13 amazing grandchildren, who she says are “her teachers in all things.” She lives in the suburbs of Atlanta with her second (and final) husband, where she alternates between writing and “playing in the dirt.”

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