Bedtime Stories for Adults: Short Stories for Everyday Meditation to Overcome Anxiety, Stress & Insomnia

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About the author

Elia Friedenthal

Elia Friedenthal is a renowned expert in Dark Psychology, Mind Control, and Body Language principles. She is also an ardent advocate of positive, proactive mindset training and its role in cultivating a richer, more successful, highly productive life.

Elia’s eclectic background and interests have allowed her to work alongside some of the best experts in both positive and dark psychology, as well as self-help. Through her numerous research projects, she is able to craft life-changing books that unlock the human potential to go above and beyond all expectations.

Most of her well-loved works shed light on the numerous ways that the right mindset can cultivate a life of abundance, positivity, productivity, self-mastery, happiness, and everything good in between.

Join Elia on her journey towards becoming her better self and achieving a brighter, more successful future by purchasing, downloading, and sharing her best-selling books, including “Manipulation Techniques in Dark Psychology, Mind Control and Body Language”, “Empath Through Enneagram”, “Power of Concentration and Focus”, “How to Develop a Millionaire Mindset”, “Building Positive Changes”, “Stop Overthinking and Start Living”, and so much more!