I am big tonight. I don't need the light!

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Constance Santego

Constance Santego is a Master Educator and Healer of the Holistic and Spiritual Arts, Author of six books, two of which are series. She is known for bridging the body, mind, and soul consciousness to create your dreams into reality. Constance's background is in business, owning her first company at the age of twenty-seven until her back went out and she had to sell. Learning how to holistically heal herself, she gained many, many certificates and diplomas in spirituality and natural healing from amazing schools around the world. In 1999, she opened a school that became accredited in the holistic arts and ran that until 2012 teaching students from all over the world how to heal themselves and others. She brings to you the knowledge of what she taught. The art of healing seems to open a gate to quantum energy, where magic seems to take place. But it must be a science since if she can teach others to do what she can do, it can't be just magic... and if these teachable gifts are in the Bible, then it has been taught for over two thousand years. Constance continually strives to advance her knowledge and is currently in the process of attaining her Ph.D. and DOCTORATE in Natural and Integrative Medicine.