Janus the Offspring

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Stephen Harding

Prize-winning, multi-genre author Stephen Harding has written some of the most exciting books you'll ever read. Unique, stimulating, ingenious, dark, mind-blowing, spine-tingling, and twisted are words best linked to his creations including the Janus sci-fi trilogy, the Driven to Revenge fantasy trilogy, and his DCI Liberty Rock thrillers.
Having written since 2007 and served as a Chartered Quality Manager in highly sensitive business environments, his short play 'My Bench' came third in the Kingston Readers Festival. His first novel 'Janus the Arrival' was first published in 2013 and he's now working on a fourth in the series.
​​​​​​​2022 saw the release of a comedy about a motley group of UK Telephone Engineers and all the funny capers they got up to.
Stephen lives in London, loves art, and helps out at a local theatre. He remains very passionate about encouraging others to read and write and hopes you enjoy his works as well as he enjoys creating them.