Tales from the Dragon Forest

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Dabrell Thompson

Dabrell Thompson currently attends Full Sail University to get his BFA IN creative Writing. He's always had a thing for stories, mostly fantasy. He is the vessel for the Void. A movie connoisseur at heart. Writing  about shows and movies all sorts of entertainment warms his heart. He loves superheroes he feels like one too his 4 kids everyday. He enjoys both Marvel and DC, Superman is his favorite superhero. Music has always been a passion from his earliest discovery of it in feature length films and tv shows. He also gained a strong connection early in his youth to such icons as Michael Jackson and Prince, their music videos and presence was mesmerizing. He had older parents so he listened to a lot of old school music. He joined the band playing trumpet and French horn as a youth and fell in love with that part of music as well from lyrics to sound it's all intriguing.
His influences stem from MJ, Prince to Nirvana, Coldplay ,to Drake,JCole etc. The list could go on. In kindergarten he met Vintrell Johnson *aka* B-Tree Roger's and they've been brothers ever since. They both had a passion for sound and eventually they came across Darryl William's *aka* Kash or $KG he also was on his own journey of musical adolescence. The three gravitated towards one another and have been inseparable best friends ever since. They all bring distinctive things to entertainment because that's what  they are at heart students of sound and storytelling. The journey has been sweet but it's far from over. 🤟 p.s. I thought it would be cool too write this in third person