Summary of The Oqual Cycle: The 84-Year Rhythm of Human Civilization

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About the author

Amjad Farooq

Although a biophysicist by trade with close to 100 publications in premier scientific journals and books across three decades, Professor Farooq is best characterized as a polymath whose working knowledge transcends fields as diverse as astronomy, economy, geopolitics, history, linguistics, psychology, and religion.

Logically-driven and analytically-minded, Professor Farooq is fearless, strongly-opinionated, and never afraid to call a spade a spade. Professor Farooq often jokes that he is so un-American.

Admittedly, his data-driven writings lend breathtaking insights into the workings of what he calls a nonsense world.

With a varying degree of proficiency in many languages from his lingua-mater Punjabi through Urindi and Arabic to French and Spanish coupled with the experience of having herded goats across three continents at his disposal, Professor Farooq’s writings not only make inconvenient sense but also provide a breath of fresh air and candor.

Professor Farooq is utterly independent and unaffiliated to any political, religious, or cultural organization.

His blunt and brutal take on world affairs is a far cry from the partisan narrative aired on news media.

"The only thing one should be patriotic of is nothing but the blunt and untainted truth", he professes.

Voila sa vie!