Grow, Teach, Repeat: The Art of Teaching Guitar

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About the author

M.J. Murphy

M.J Murphy is a writer, guitarist, bassist, and guitar instructor now living in Saint Louis Missouri.

He has a Master's degree in Communications from the University of Illinois, and a Bachelor's degree in English/Communications from St Mary's University in Winona Minnesota, where he also studied Creative Writing, Classical Guitar and Jazz Improvisation.

He has published four books to date which are comprised of three music related books: "Choosing Notes", "Grow, Teach, Repeat", and "Midnight Arpeggios" and a recently published science fiction/fantasy novella called "Dream Tangle". A second novel in the "Dream Tangle" series is currently the works.

His life experience over the years have included: grocery store clerk, record store clerk, electronics store clerk, hockey player, hockey coach, ice rink guard, locksmith, radio DJ, video editor, publishing project manager, executive producer, interactive software developer, rock band guitarist, rock band bassist, solo classical guitarist, recording artist, audio engineer, podcaster, blogger and currently, writer, guitar instructor and, of course, eternal dog walker.