Holy Wow! The Blessing Is Being Here

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About the author

Dana St.Claire

Do you ever wonder… What am I doing here in this crazy, oblong Life? Are you searching for greater awareness? For a greater understanding… a greater experience of Love?

In Holy Wow!, with humor and insight, Dana St.Claire shares her lifelong fascination with  meditation and “the zaniness of being human.”

Here you will find a compelling story of awakening, along with insight into this physical, emotional, mental world we live in. What are we doing here? Is there any rhyme? Or reason? And what’s Love got to do with it?

Could it be karma? Transformation? Life? As you exercise the truths found within these pages, your frame of reference becomes more dimensional. You look at and experience your Life from a different perspective.

You are the only one who can give yourself this gift.

Consciously draw Love into yourself again and again.

Into your perceptions. Into your expression. Into your relationships.

Into each situation and circumstance. Watch as your Life transforms.


Holy Wow! is a groundbreaking journey into the depths of who you are

as you discover who you want to be.


As you read… watch as your weary heart is lifted…

your mind inspired… and your joy restored.

As you reach the last page, you will exclaim, “Holy Wow!”