The Fanged Hour

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About the author

Robin Clement

Robin was born in January ,circa 1991 and raised from birth in her home town of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Robin’s love for reading started at a very young age and has never gone away. Now she spends her free time diving into her own make believe worlds and creating stories from dreams.
Robin is a graduate of the Public Relations diploma stream at Kitchener’s own Conestoga College. This was one place that really showed Robin her love for creative writing and gave her the courage to shoot for all the things she dreamt of. Robin is currently working full-time as an insurance claims adjudicator in Cambridge, Ontario on top of being a single mom raising her children to love fiction and make believe as much as she does.
Robin’s stories stay in the realm of the whimsical and magical. Fantasy Romance with a twist. If asked Robin would tell you that the authors she looks up to most are J.R.R Tolkien and Stephen King- with many accolades going to other authors like Garth Nix who helped along the way.
Robin attributes her passion for reading and writing to the influences she had growing up. There were always books, and always someone to read them with her until she got old enough to read them by herself. One of Robin’s fondest memories about reading is a children’s book called Zoom at Sea which she read with her Aunt Tracy as a child. From Great grandparents, grandparents, teachers and parents- Robin has always found books to be her calling participating in Silver Birch and other reading clubs during her junior school days.

​​​​​​​This love of reading has continued as Robin loves reading to her son every night and helping her daughters with stories of their own.