How To Write A 1st Class Essay

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About the author

Suzanne Reece

Suzanne Reece is an education coach and author.

She is a solicitor (non-practising) who worked in legal firms for over 17 years. She later moved into education teaching post-graduate law students on the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) at City, University of London for nearly 10 years. In 2017, she established Inspired to Study Ltd to provide bespoke writing  and speaking skills to law graduates. 

Suzanne provides opinion writing, LLM coaching, drafting and advocacy training for law students and coaching and mentoring for new professionals.

She runs regular workshops to help students and new professional improve their confidence and speaking skills. Suzanne supports speaking events to motivate and encourage wider access to the legal profession.

Suzanne is the author of several books aimed at making it easier for students to understand the complexities of writing essays, legal opinions and LLM dissertations.

How to Write a 1st Class Essay

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