Pressures of Being a Teenager

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About the author

Prajval Malhotra

Prajval Malhotra is a profound thinker and creator. He has a dreamer in him who drifts off from reality into realms of thoughtfulness. It is from there that he fetches the raw materials of ideas that he aspires to shape into reality. He considers himself to be a unique combination of sensitivity and technology. As a child, he used to talk to the lift and wondered whether it could talk to him. It was only later that we got Alexa. Even today, he tries to conceptualize how gadgets may have emotions. 

He draws immense inspiration from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. It mesmerises him to think that a boy from such a humble background could break all barriers and scale tremendous heights with his 'Wings of Fire.' His life experiences ignite my mind to think that any dream can be fulfilled with the help of conviction,  fortitude and perseverance.