Rat City

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Ree Kimberley

Ree Kimberley grew up in Melbourne and travelled Australia before living in tropical Cairns and then settling in Brisbane, in sunny Queensland. She's always loved reading and wrote her first novel, Strike Up a Friendship with a Vampire, when she was 10 years old. Ree's writerly obsessions include weird science and things that are bizarre, strange and a little bit gross. She also has a thing for circuses (she swears she is not scared of clowns!)

Ree says that if she wasn't a writer, she'd love to be a teratologist (someone who studies monsters). Come to think of it, she sort of is.

Rat City is Ree's first novel, and the first in a three-part series, Rat Generation.

Ree loves to chat with her readers so make sure you connect with her online:


Instagram: reekimberley

Author's note

Rats. People either love them or hate them. Whatever you think of them, there's no denying that they're smart and have lots of skills. Rats can swim, climb and jump. They hold their breath so well they can run up through a sewer pipe into your toilet (yes, this happens!) They can run and scale walls as well as any parkour champion. Like their arch enemies, cats, rats can jump from a great height and land on their feet. With a running start, they can leap up onto an object that's almost a metre high. In human terms, that's like being able to run and jump onto the roof of your house. With all these amazing skills, when rat DNA is combined with humans, some super-human skills are bound to evolve. And that was the reason I wrote Rat City. Because imagine, in the future, if it wasn't robots that took over the world, but human-rats.


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