The Moated Stone

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David Burns

I decided to write about Wadhams Castle, Somerset and historical Knightly deeds of King Arthur and the moated link with King Alfred. In addition, acknowledging the philanthropist attributes of the Wadham family at the village Ilton. Wadhams Castle is also known as Merryfield House, a moated and remote location with a large stone at its centre. The moated stone has a deep hole where a sword could have been located. The origins of this moated place is Roman. Possibly the location of King Arthur's residence. We do know from writings of a local monk, this moated stronghold of King Arthur, with its stone was gifted to King Alfred. In 1942, this same location was preparing for D-Day and a hospital for troops from the 101st Airborne. Is this the location of the sword in the stone - excalibur the legendary sword of King Arthur?