The Smart First-Time Home Buyer's Guide: Avoid Making First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes

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About the author

Thomas.K Lutz

Thomas has been a financial adviser/Realtor in Vancouver, BC, Canada since 2002. He provided clients with advice on financial matters, as well as helping people who are in difficult financial situations. Thomas is also an experienced condo Realtor in Metro Vancouver. He had handled hundreds of home sales and purchases in the downtown core of Vancouver and all around British Columbia.

Thomas is the author of the book "Should I Quit My Job?" and "The Smart First-Time Home Buyer's Guide". Thomas's goal is to provide different options for people who are not feeling satisfied with their current employment. He believes that everyone deserves to work in a comfortable and friendly environment, not just working to pay bills.

When not working, Thomas loves to play with 3 of his husky dogs, and get outside and enjoy the nature. He also enjoys swimming and jogging to stay fit.