Hard Hats Mandatory, Sanity Optional

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About the author

Richard Farley

Richard Farley is an indie publisher, and humorist. His treasure trove of humorous memories and anecdotes from years of construction, maintenance, and D-I-Y blunders provide the fuel for his writing. Using humor as a tool for smoothing the rough edges of life Richard transforms frustrating experiences into funny stories

Richard has published two humorous books;
* Hard Hats Mandatory, Sanity Optional, about the crazy world of the construction worker
* Life in a Two Story Outhouse, an updated version of two previously published books refitted with a new title and cover and updated material.

When he is not dreaming of swapping stories around a campfire with Mark Twain, and Patrick McManus Richard is fighting against the seductive power of Pinterest, FaceBook, naps, and sadistic grammar apps.