Bronislaw Huberman: From child prodigy to hero, the violinist who saved Jewish musicians from the Holocaust

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Peter Aronson

I am a lawyer, journalist and, now, a children’s book author living in New York City with my wife, Emily, and two teenage daughters. A few years ago, I realized my daughters and their friends were reading mostly fantasy, dystopian-type novels. With the real world so rich with the good, the bad and the unbelievable, I found this to be sad. I thought kids should be reading more reality-based books. So I decided to start writing books for kids focusing on real-world people or issues – either through biographies or novels with a strong dose of reality.

Bronislaw Huberman is the first of many books for middle-grade readers that will be published in the coming months and years through my new publishing company, Double M Books Inc. The Huberman book is the first in a series called The Groundbreakers: Short, inspiring biographies about extraordinary individuals doing extraordinary things, people who take life to the next level, who overcome great obstacles to succeed against all odds. These biographies, illustrated with photographs, will focus on individuals, usually not household names, who rocked the world and shattered boundaries in arts, sports, politics, and other areas. These books are intentionally challenging for the younger readers in my target range of middle-graders ages 8 through 13.

My Mandalay Hawk series, for readers middle-graders ages 9 through 14, will debut soon with Mandalay Hawk’s Dilemma: The United States of Anthropocene. This is the first book in at least a trilogy of long-form novels about an unusually tenacious teenage girl and her friends who tackle monumental world problems – because adults have totally messed things up. In the first book, teenager Mandalay Hawk is the coolest, calmest, craziest juvenile delinquent you’ll ever meet. She’s a cross between a race car driver gassing it at 150 mph and a kid Martin Luther King Jr. striving to overcome.

The world in 2026 is broiling, 100 degree days the norm. Global warming is causing havoc. Mandalay and her pals have no choice: Adults screwed it up. Kids (KRAAP: Kids Revolt Against Adult Power) have to fix the problem. When the world needs saving, what else is there to do?

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