Volume 1 Of 5: Mutant Animals And Mystic Plants (a Short Introduction). Oppressed Animals And Plants Are Ready With Their Response!

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About the author

Koyel Ghosh Kumar

I am an MBA and I have recently started to tread on the path of writing. I write fiction genre. I want to combine storytelling with philosophical thoughts to highlight contemporary problems, their cause, and possible solutions as I see to them. I do not claim to have cracked the solution to any problem or I claim that the solutions I represent in my writing are 'the' solutions. No! a big no! What I think is my writing will be starting point for others to think and branch out to actual solutions or may be come up with a totally unrelated but reliable and longlasting solutions.

I neither believe that I will be able to solve 'many' problems nor do I think I will be a role model to 'many'. However, if I am successful in giving significant dent in a 'single' problem that exists in our society/world and if I can be a role model to a 'single' individual (who otherwise was lost), I will think I will fulfill the reason why I am on this earth. I don't have too many dreams but I am here, on KDP, to pursue my childhood dream of writing.

I hope I can excite minds that want to grow and break free, I just hope.... !