Teatime Twists

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Jennifer Hanning

After spending most of my adult working life in the software development industry, I left to take up yoga studies and write books.

More and more, I am drawn to assisting people with their journey on the meditation pathway. I was fortunate enough to be kept on at VIYETT, the academy where I did my training, firstly to teach yoga classes and then, additionally, to guide student-teachers through their meditation studies. This is work for which I have a deep sense of love and belonging.

After so often hearing people say they find it difficult to meditate ... "I can't keep still for long enough", "my mind wanders all over the place", "I can't relax enough to meditate", "I get bored", etc., ... I developed a Relaxation and Meditation course for beginners, as there are certain techniques which an aspirant must perfect before being able to meditate effectively. The students and I could not be more happy with their progress.