How to Grow Marijuana with LEDs

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About the author

Robert Manes

Bob Manes earned a B.S. in Computer Management Information Systems (minor in Aviation) and a Master of Business Administration.  Bob has designed and manufactured solid-state (LED) lighting for over 16 years, ever since the first high brightness white LEDs were introduced for illumination purposes (to see by, rather than to be seen).  In addition to LED grow lights, he has designed frequency-specific lighting for several purposes, such as for algae manipulation, for national parks to preserve the sea turtle population, and for areas around large-scale optical telescopes, to defeat harmful light pollution.

He enjoys biking and flying – he has been a pilot since 1977.

Toby Stumpf has cultivated cannabis since he was a young boy.  He cut his teeth on growing cannabis outdoors, but in 2010 he became licensed to grow indoors through the state of AZ, which he continues today. Toby believes in the greater good of marijuana, always understanding the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.  As laws relax and decriminalization spreads, he’s happy to help usher in this new era and contribute to research in the industry. Toby is a caregiver for several patients that rely upon his expertise and products to satisfy their medicinal needs.