Secrets To Sobriety, A Mindful Approach to Freedom

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Anthony Chambers

Anthony Chambers is a Personal Power Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer with 30 plus years of Recovery. Anthony experienced the death of a baby boy and loss of a wife to addiction.  These losses have driven his life's purpose for the past 30 years. "No parent should Ever have to bury a child."

Anthony has too many awards to mention here, but many highlight his work at a community level with youth, families and under-served populations. Anthony founded the High Desert Youth Center in Southern California, which later evolved into the first independent Charter school, serving at-risk youth within a community of over 400,000 residents. In 2003, he was noted as one of the Top 10 most influential African Americans in the High Desert Community of San Bernardino, California, and received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from the Pentecostal Bible College of Tuskegee, Alabama, West Coast Campus, for his service to the community. He is the author of two life altering books, "Secrets to Sobriety, A Mindful Approach to Freedom" and "Power Up Your Faith and Take Charge of Your Life!"

 In a word, Anthony’s work with our clients is Transformational and his workshops are principally designed to wake our clients up from their spiritual amnesia and embrace themselves with Unconditional Self Acceptance, vocalizing and inspiring power and hope in our clients.

 " I assist individuals in discovering their authentic self and learn to effectively exercise their innate personal power to think, feel and choose their way to recovery, giving up the one thing, in order to gain everything. We must all relearn that “Happiness is Truth! All else is learned behavior!”  Together we will create a future so delicious that your past gets jealous!"