Evolving Soulfully - Cultivating Natural Vitality, Deep Presence, Intimacy, Meaning and Purpose

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About the author

Dave Waugh

Dave loves to inspire people of all ages to awaken to and live their Natural Gifts through the arts of storytelling and wholistic process.

As a Wholistc Mentor and Psychotherapist and Natural Gifts Mentor, he is passionate about designing wholistc programs and facilitating processes that assist his clients to heal, transform and evolve soulfully.

He finds it very fulfilling to journey with someone who is stuck in a major life transition or with someone who is simply curious about evolving and witness them gradually awaken to a renewed sense of natural vitality, deep presence, intimacy, meaning and purpose.

Dave is the director of Elements Counselling and the current president of the Process Counselling Society in Vancouver BC. He is also the Co-founder and Vice-president of the Natural Gifts Society. 

Dave can be reached at 604-488-9203 mobile, or at www.evolvingfsoulfully.com or www.davewaugh.net.